Finding Fun on a Sick Day

I started the day with a bug of some sort – most likely the allergy type, though I’ve considered perhaps it was my own spirit forcing a mini-vacation.  After all, I rarely get a day off, and I’ve had an unusually stressful last week. I’ve had one problem to solve after another without a solution in sight, making me feel like I’ve been held prisoner in a batting cage without a bat!  So, I decided, maybe I do need a good rest, but I get so very annoyed when I’m immobile.  I’ve never been a willing couch-potato without something to occupy my hands like a book, pen, or at the least, a crochet hook.  What to do?

This is your chance!” my self said.  Finally, an opportunity to simply play – not work – online like others do.  Normally, a good portion of my day is spent online for the purpose of marketing, connecting with customers, ordering supplies and research, as well as paying the bills.  So, after dragging my sorry self out of bed around noon, I put on a pot of coffee and pushed the cat off the sofa where she usually spends the day in front of my personal laptop, waiting for the Decorah Eagles to appear.

At about 17-years-old, I suspect Stinky thinks she’s smarter than my other two cats who watch out the windows for yard critters.  If she waits long enough the blank screen in front of her reveals the biggest birds she’s ever known.  She gave me a look of disdain as I refused to let her move to my lap, but of course, that’s my fault, as the two of us have become quite addicted to cuddling while observing the raptors in my off time.  I even keep an eye on the Facebook page, Raptor Research Project, to stay informed of updates that occur while I work.  I recalled a contest they were having ending today requiring the entry of an image profiling an “eagleholic” – so I decided to enter a photo I’d taken of Stinky in her hypnotized mode.  Up went the image and within a few minutes it collected about 20 Likes and a few comments! “Yay! This is fun!” I proclaimed.  I was even starting to feel a bit better, or at least enough to ignore the swollen sinuses.  But too soon the fun fizzled as the moderator commented on my post, noting that pets were not allowed.  “But you don’t understand!” I protested.  “She really is an eagleholic!” Then, poof! … it was gone … sigh.

Well okay, on with the search for a few smiles.  There just had to be something fun to do that I usually can’t fit into the work day.  I surfed on over to, finding no messages regarding leads I’m waiting for and I had no motivation to dig deeper into the archives to research blinking green leaves.  I read reviews of various SLR cameras, but already know I want a Nikon and it’s just a matter of finding the extra bucks – and that sure ain’t gonna happen on a sick day!  So, off I surfed to get a numerology reading from the reflection pool, hoping to release a little stress.  In a nutshell, the report told me to be as productive as possible and avoid any reason for sluffing … to which I began sneezing uncontrollably.

No sense in fighting it, I decided, while blowing my nose and drying my sneezy tears.  Perhaps I should try to achieve something productive today.  I’d already read the latest Stitches Magazine cover to cover on and off line; nevertheless, it did seem like a good time to read.  So, I surfed on back to Facebook to see if two of my favorite bloggers, Kristine Shreve and Erich Campbell, had announced anything new, because their blogs are always informative to people like my busy self.  Kristine keeps me up to date on what’s up in the industry and Erich never fails to grab my attention while sharing his design observations.  But it wasn’t to be.  A status post of Kristine’s admitted her lack of opportunity to finish a blog today and it was echoed by Erich who claimed interruptions wouldn’t allow starting one.  Well, krimony!

Then it occurred to me … I remembered I had recently established this little corner on the web … and maybe – just maybe – it was my turn to say, “I started and finished a blog today!”  And so I have.  Now, that was fun! (she says with a sneeze.)


4 thoughts on “Finding Fun on a Sick Day

  1. Well, I’m glad to see you’ve gotten your blog off of the ground. Now I can add you to *my* favorite bloggers list. In the case you were wondering though, I did start *and* finish a blog post yesterday- for Black Duck! 😉 Admittedly, visual style guides are not nearly as much fun as my usual posts about design and embroidery, but at least I finished something! 😉

    Thank you for the very kind praise. You’re one of my favorite industry writers, so it’s always wonderful to hear from you. 🙂

  2. Thank you for your comments and kind words! I look forward to sharing my thoughts as time allows. Life gets hectic in my little world, but I’ll try to post weekly – or more if the bug bites. 🙂

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