The Box – It’s Showtime! Stitches Golden Needle Awards™

Well, there it is, taunting me from the coffee table ever since it arrived on Friday. I haven’t opened it. I’m afraid to. Oh, I’m quite aware of the contents and it’s not something that is truly frightening – it’s actually quite exciting – but it scares me, nonetheless.  I’m afraid if I begin investigating, it will suck me in, robbing my attention until the task is completed, and I’ll surely forget all about top priorities on the to-do list.  This task in the box does have a deadline, and although it’s not as immediate as the custom designs that need to be digitized and the column that needs to be written, it’s certainly of great importance and priority. This somewhat magical box that will certainly make a few wishes come true, holds the hearts, hopes and hard work of the digitizers who stepped up to meet the challenge – it contains my share of the entries to judge for the 2011 Stitches Golden Needle Awards .

But I wanna open it!” the little girl inside my head whines, while I walk slowly by, gliding my fingers across the tape that bars me from satisfying curiosity. I had intentionally left the box on the coffee table, far from my office, so as not to be tempted and distracted from my digitizing. Usually, the only work related tasks allowed in my living room are reading Stitches Magazine and writing this blog; a rule necessary to retain sanity for anyone who works where they live – every task has a place and each task is done in its place.

But now that it’s time to relax in “my little piece of heaven” the box is in my sight, beckoning with a siren-like song. Or perhaps, I’m hearing the tinnitus that grows stronger as my blood pressure rises from excitement.  Nevertheless, the box calls.

So off to the office I carry the box, set it on the desk, while deciding I really should open it to see if it’s all there (as if I’d know if something was missing). Yep, looks like it should be everything – a return shipping label atop a neat stack of entries confined within their own white, 8 x 10” sealed envelopes. I counted the entries, of course, simply to calculate an approximate amount of time I’ll need to accomplish the task, lifting each out gingerly, one at a time. Then, before setting them in a stack on the desk, I weighed each envelope in my hand, as if it’s supposed to mean something – like the curious child, shaking a gift found under the Christmas tree.

Oh, the temptation to open just one! “No!” I cry aloud, dragging myself out of the room and closing the door. “This is Sunday! And there’s but a few hours left that I might relax!” Then the parent in my head directed my attention back to the current task at hand. I returned to the couch with a cup of chamomile tea and opened the laptop to write about a completely other subject. But now, all I can think about is the box. I know there’s some fantastic goodies inside those white envelopes and I look forward to examining and watching them run “with my nose to the hoop”. I want to give each entry the time it deserves, which my schedule won’t allow for at least a few days. But I will fight the temptation to peek!  The freedom of time to delve into each entry will be worth the wait.

I suppose my anticipation stems from the confidence this will be an enjoyable task. As a judge in previous years, I have never been disappointed, and instead, have always been impressed with the many differences in techniques, and the outstanding creativity and skill revealed in every entry. So, I’ll keep my patience and proceed as scheduled, while looking forward to judging some mighty fine designs!  As well, now that the curtain is about to go up, I wish all the contestants the best – may you each “break a needle”! 😉

6 thoughts on “The Box – It’s Showtime! Stitches Golden Needle Awards™

  1. A bit of “Mary Poppins” in you, huh? Every task has its place! Such will power, I would of ripped it open in awe, but then again the heavy job would be there to actually judge them. How exciting for all that took part. For the final comment, Break a needle, how great!! Cathy Cattle aka Nutmeg

  2. Oh Bonnie, I loved this post – I know EXACTLY how you are feeling! I helped with the judging a few years ago. It was an exciting, intimidating and rewarding experience… Very heady stuff to know that you are participating in making someone’s dreams come true! I was inspired, even awed by some of the work submitted. I am sure you will have a grand time exploring the treasures in your box – enjoy!

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