A Week of Mistakes & Smiles

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein said it well. In recent weeks, I tried quite a few new things and made quite a few mistakes. But the quote of a genius doesn’t justify my stumbling and only I can redeem myself, learn and move forward.

First, allow me to apologize for the mistake I made in last week’s hastily written blog post; a portion of the title may have sent out the wrong message, and I’m sorry if the title was misleading. To clarify, the president had very little to do with the content of the blog. The title has been edited appropriately. [Please note, my attendance was purely to observe an historical event; I do not campaign for any party or openly voice my political opinions, and although I have them, they will never be posted here.]

I’ve made quite a few mistakes lately, either from trying new things or from neglecting old things while correcting mistakes from trying new things. I have been blaming it on Mercury in Retrograde – not that I really know that much about this astrological phenomena, it just sounds good.

Some of my mini catastrophes (pardon the oxymoron) have been due to a lack of attention, such as another blog mistake I’ve made: adding too many tags and categories to my posts. WordPress doesn’t like that. My tags are now “on suspension” while I prove to WordPress I won’t offer more than a combination of 10 tags and categories on one post.  I knew that. I learned about global tagging at WordPress.com Support last year when a different blog’s tags were suspended (clicking on the tabs take you no where). I haven’t used WordPress enough to be software and policy proficient, so the information is resting below stacks of new incoming facts being stored in the “things I’m supposed to absorb and recall forever” part of my brain.  Perhaps I need to eat more blueberries.  Evidently, even though the recommended ½ cup daily serving is enough to turn my tongue indigo blue, it isn’t enough to improve my memory.

Last weekend I forgot to wind up my vintage alarm clock, and had it not been for three hungry cats, I might have signed in late at EmbroideryDesigns.com where a few hours each day I help customers shop and use their designs.  Now understand, I do own a modern, electric, alarm clock that sets itself each night, but I am experiencing Presbycusis in the ear I don’t sleep on and can no longer hear the alarm’s mellow high pitch.  Sleeping on the good ear is my mistake, but impossible to control.  If I depend on the “gentle” alarm it results with my husband shaking me awake on the only days he can sleep in. The better option is to use the wind-up with its thunderous, vibrating, heart-stopping ring that doesn’t bother my husband – as long as I shut it off as soon as I bounce back down from the ceiling.

Fortunately, my husband is patient by nature, unless I pilfer his special goodie stash, though that’s usually not a problem.  Sweets are something I crave only on occasion – like a couple of days ago when I ate his fruit pie (of course, by mistake). I tried to make up for it by offering to bake an Apple Streusel Dessert.  I’ve been hoarding it in the freezer for a special occasion, because it may be the last, if it fails to return in Schwan’s new season.  But he objected, saying that running the oven would put the AC into overtime.  I assured him this somewhat thin pastry required only 25 minutes, and I promised to turn the oven off as soon as the streusel was done.  He claimed I’d forget.  I wagered I would not.  The pastry came out, and at the same moment, a hummingbird appeared at the feeder – that hummer I’ve been trying to get a still picture of for weeks to use as reference for a digitizing project. I set the pastry on the counter to cool and slowly reached for the digital camera I keep by the window for just such a moment. I failed to notice the sweltering heat before he shut the oven off. (He ate most of the streusel. I will pay the electric bill.)

This week in the office, I set up a new computer and was introduced to Windows 7.  I do not like it.  Frankly, it’s the little things in the interface that are driving me nuts – those fancy-dancy things that glamor it up, but slow my routine actions to a crawl.  I was so flustered by the new bells and whistles, I mistakenly assumed Windows 7 had added the annoying little ripples that suddenly appeared behind the cursor every time I clicked.  But by the time I remembered that these click-drips are activated by my Bamboo Wacom stylus/pad (previously discovered during a Windows Vista installation and long forgotten), I began feeling a bit sea-sick.  Although I couldn’t find a way to turn off the screen animation at Wacom Support, I did so at the NX9420 blog – “How to fix tablet issues with the Wacom Cintiq in Windows 7“.  (Thank you, NX9420.  I can now put away the Dramamine.)

On the other hand I am thankful for what has gone well without a hitch, such as the installation of my new I-Cliqq upgrade just in time to began planning a collection of designs that will be featured at Bonnie Domeny’s Masterpiece Embroidery next year.  I’m pleased that one of the mistakes I made in this blog last week, might not have been witnessed by a lot of folks who were away learning new stuff at the NNEP – one of my all-time favorite embroidery events that I unfortunately could not attend and will be watching for reports with great envy.  My Google+ friend list is slowly growing with a few more folks added to Circles; I find the more I use it, the more I like it.  And, even though the image is not digitizing worthy, I captured a recognizable still pic of a hummer’s head.  Oh, and I didn’t burn the streusel!


5 thoughts on “A Week of Mistakes & Smiles

  1. You are a delight, as always. Thanks for the behind-the-scenes tour of the week! I’m glad I’m not the only one with a crazy schedule and a spouse on a different alarm clock. 😉

    • Thank you Erich. A crazy schedule is a requirement for an embroidery digitizer – the trick is to find a way to make it all run smooth without losing quality … just like digitizing a design.:)

  2. Thanks for sharing your time with us. I can relate to having a month full of oh-ohs because my attention is split in too many directions.

    I’m excited to have you on board Masterpiece Embroidery!

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