Catching Up with the World

It’s been a long two weeks since my last post, not to say I haven’t tried. I’ve had to focus on deadlines – a fortunate situation actually, but it’s funny how much life can pass by when one’s attention is glued to completing digitizing orders and writing assignments. So, this last weekend, when I found myself with a few hours of free time, I managed a bit of surfing.

My first fun discovery was that the Decorah Eagle parents are back sprucing up the Iowa nest for a new batch of kids. UStream coverage is in operation with happy viewers waiting for that first egg to drop. That probably will bring a few sighs of “not again” from those who don’t find raptor observation exciting, and judging from their expression in this screen shot, the Eagles share that feeling. But my eagle-holic cat has perked up. This is big stuff for the ol’ gal. Now geriatric, Stinky normally doesn’t stay awake more than 15 minutes at a time without stimulation between 30 minute naps, but when she saw one of the eagles on the screen she actually pushed her way through between my arm and leg to get a direct view of the laptop – sat there, eyes open, for a good hour. They are her eagles, you know, and when they’re on the screen, it’s her laptop. Well, I never could deny a good friend a little happiness.

Gives me that last push into buying a gadget (did I say that?!); one I could use while Stinky hogs the laptop. I do need something efficient for reading e-books and checking emails, and  – perhaps Amazon’s Kindle Fire.  But it’s still on pre-order status, so I’ll wait until users’ reviews confirm reliability.

Two beautiful tat-lovin' friends from very different worlds: (Top) Teri is a "taken" Midwest mom of 3, office manager, rides her own Harley and restores antique furniture. - (Bottom with her guy James) Mindy Collins (formerly gracing the Twin Cities airwaves) is a Florida body builder, spin instructor and rock DJ at 101.7 Pirate Radio Key West.

While doing some “Windows shopping” I ran across the controversial tattooed Barbie that is accompanied by “Basterdino”, a bulldog clad in a spiked, cactus sweater. Evidently, it’s a hot item on this year’s holiday gift list. Collectors will certainly be fighting over the dolls with many gift-seeking, tattoo-sporting moms – such as some of my friends who would feel naked without their beautiful works of skin art.  Being an artist, I can appreciate the skill required for these masterpieces, but have never had the urge to permanently dye my own skin. Besides, if it were nice enough to display on my arm, I’d want it on a canvas where its beauty wouldn’t fade and sag. That’s just me. Not sayin’ they don’t look great on others!  I’d be tempted, though, if someone could guarantee my tat would morph with the droops and wrinkles, like from a caterpillar to a butterfly. But I don’t really need ink.  I have enough brown age spots turning up all over the place that are beginning to merge into their own little masterpiece. Now, there’s a reality doll for the near future – a “Golden” Barbie freckled in liver spots and droopy tattoos.

Switching gears, I decided to look more into the issue behind the crowd of immovable folks at Wall Street, as well as other U.S.locations. I hadn’t had time to clearly understand it all in recent months when “occupied” became synonymous with “sit-in”. I’ve tried to piece details together and clarify the blur while sifting between phrases like “poor economy”, “creating jobs”, “tax the rich” and “it’s our money!” I’ve been curious, as bits of information conjured memories of the 60’s protests, like Peter, Paul and Mary singing “This land is Your Land”.  I was somewhat surprised to discover the origin of this current movement had started in Europe and the U.S. is actually the late-comer.  A newspaper worth reading called Occupied Wall Street Journal has emerged that explains the nitty-gritty basis of the movement with the paper’s first three issues making it to the Internet.

In other global news Gaddafi died, as the world looked on with joy, making Letterman’s Top Ten List – again.  And President Obama brought tears of joy announcing that troops will begin to withdraw and be home for the holidays.  Seems a bittersweet situation for many veterans who hope to return to civilian jobs, considering all the “occupying” going on by the existing unemployed.

The Most Depressing Places in America

Natural disasters continue:  The Federal Government refuses Virginia’s call for help with $18 million worth of damage (basically because nobody died) while survivors sleep in the streets.  As well, unnatural disasters of hunger and poverty at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, was brought to light on a recent 20/20 (see images at The Most Depressing Places in America) while the U.S. continues to boost the economy in distant countries. I’m still trying to work some logic into these scenarios.  I tend to lean towards the airline-drop-down-oxygen-mask rule of “take care of yourself first to be there for others later”.

On the lighter side of the news a Tennessee bear enjoyed an early Halloween trick and treat while raiding a sweet shop. Bad, but fitting, cliche questions immediately pop to mind: Is that anything like a bull in a china shop? Is chocolate bad for bears? And did the bear drop big taffy sticks in the woods?

Speaking of feces … possibly the dumbest of dumb in a list of worldwide weird crimes that set me into an uncontrollable laugh out loud: An Ireland experimental alchemist was jailed for trying to turn poop into gold. That’s right, I said, “poop”.  Oh, if it was only that easy, gold would be worth … well, poop.

I’ve left current events for now to return my focus on work where I find it less complex – where the landscape includes organized piles, boxes of files, embroidery samples, computer parts, cones of thread, clumps of snaky, twisted cords, books, magazines and catalogs, floppies, zip and flash drives, PCs in all shapes and enough monitors to call it NASA. … And … where Nature is observed through my office windows, natural disasters are muted by Bob Dylan’s wisdom via a sweet song; where the scent of sandalwood permeates the air and an old cat naps, contented on her own office chair; all the while beautiful tattoo art is digitized into eternal stitches.  Ah, the bliss of a peaceful chaos in a world that makes uncommon sense!

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